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The power of the best Microsoft products in Office 365

There are tried and trusted favorites such as Exchange for email on the go and SharePoint to edit and share documents, together with Lync for instant messaging and online meetings and Office Web Apps and Office Professional Plus to create documents. What's more, you can access your information on a PC or laptop or on Windows, iPhone or Android mobile devices.

  • Office Professional Plus- Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Lync and more. Learn more
  • Office Web Apps- Office Online with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote available over the Web. Learn more
  • Exchange - access email, calendar and contacts from anywhere, at any time, on almost any device. Learn more
  • SharePoint - create, access and share documents and insights, contacts, calendars and tasks online. Learn more
  • Lync - find and connect via instant messaging (IM), video calls or online meetings from within Office. Learn more

At Cloud Secure Solutions we believe that cloud computing is the future. Cloud computing are hosted services that are provided over the Internet. Never be without the tools you need. Cloud Secure Solutions offers Web Apps, which is part of the Office 365 services. Microsoft Web Apps are tools that extend your Microsoft Office products experience on the web. The Microsoft web apps are a companion to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote providing an easy way to view, edit and share your files right from a web browser. There is no learning curve because you're working with features that you already know. The tool expands the ability of people to collaborate by make work device independent. Office Web Apps let you create and edit Office documents through a web browser. Work more easily with others. You and your team all use different versions of Microsoft Office, some on Microsoft Windows® and some on Mac. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a common set of tools that you could all use to easily share and edit content? Now you do. Office Web Apps make it simple to collaborate with people on different platforms and different Microsoft Office versions, and even those who don’t have Microsoft Office on their computers. People who share access to your files can edit them easily and instantly from supported web browsers on their PC or Mac 4. Get started right away. Your life is busy enough. How can a web-based solution save you time if you first have to spend that time learning to use it? Fortunately, you don’t. With Office Web Apps, you can work in a familiar environment, using some of the same editing and formatting features that you know and use every day in Microsoft Office.

The next time a great idea strikes or a last-minute change occurs when you’re on the go, take care of it on the spot. Office Web Apps give you the power to quickly and easily get things done when you want, where you want—from virtually any computer with an Internet connection. Just click, and the document, workbook, presentation or notebook that you saved to a SharePoint 2010 site or a SkyDrive folder opens in your web browser. View your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files in high fidelity or quickly make a change to the content. If you need to do a bit more, familiar formatting and editing tools are easily at-hand in all Office Web Apps, using the Ribbons. And, when you need to access additional features, it takes just one click from any Office Web App to open the file in the corresponding Microsoft Office program on your desktop.

You can securely edit your documents stored in SharePoint online anywhere knowing that you won't screw up the formatting. Edit in the browser. Easily access many familiar formatting and editing features on the Ribbon, available across all Office Web Apps. As with the Ribbon in the Microsoft Office programs on your desktop, additional contextual tabs appear as needed when you select certain types of content—such as tables or pictures—to give you the right tools at just the right time. Edit in your desktop applications.

Office Web Apps make it easy to access your content, view files in high-fidelity and quickly make updates from almost anywhere. And when you need to take advantage of the rich features in the Microsoft Office programs that are installed on your computer, you can do that directly from either the view or edit mode in any of the Office Web Apps. Viewing in PowerPoint Web App Browse slides or run your slide show from PowerPoint Web App view mode. When you click Start Slide Show, your presentation runs in full-screen. PowerPoint Web App even supports many of the animations that you can apply in PowerPoint 2010. Click the Notes button on the bottom of PowerPoint Web App view mode to view slide notes. To copy the notes, just drag to select note text and then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C or the Copy command in your web browser menu. Click the File tab on the command bar for the option to view your presentation as a text outline or to quickly print your slides.

Viewing in Excel Web App. Browse your workbook easily using some of the same tools that you use in Excel on your desktop. Click a worksheet tab to view that sheet or click a row or column heading to select content. Sort and filter content in Excel tables and PivotTable views using the filter popup menus on table headings. If your worksheet contains a Slicer for your Excel 2010 PivotTable, you can select categories in the Slicer to filter table content. Quickly update data for the entire workbook or just selected content. When you click the Data button on the command bar, you get options to refresh data connections for the workbook or just for a selected PivotTable, or to recalculate the workbook. Click the Find button on the command bar to quickly search cell content for the active worksheet. Click the File tab on the command bar for the option to download a complete copy of your workbook or a snapshot that contains just data and formatting, or to reload the workbook from its online file location.

Viewing in OneNote Web App. OneNote notebooks open by default in edit mode unless the notebook is read-only. To open a notebook in view mode, on the OneNote Web App Ribbon, click the View tab and then click Reading View. When you open your notebook in OneNote Web App, your notebook is organized into sections and pages within each section, just as in OneNote on your desktop. However, you see section and page tabs together in one pane at left, for an easy navigation experience ideally suited to the web browser. Click any section tab to expand or collapse the pages in that section. Click Show Authors on the command bar to see who made specific changes in your shared notebook. View previous page versions for pages in your shared notebooks. Just right-click a page tab for the Show Versions command. View Microsoft Office files on your mobile device.

Office Web Apps also give you the power to access and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that you save to a SharePoint 2010 library or a SkyDrive folder directly from your mobile device. View your rich Word document in high-fidelity by page or thumbnails, or quickly scroll through document text. View your PowerPoint slides or slide outline, and easily search for text in presentations. Refresh or find data in your Excel workbook, customize your view and even freeze panes for the active worksheet.

When you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote on your desktop to create content, your files may include beautiful SmartArt graphics, Excel charts, rich mathematical equations, and many other powerful types of content that help express your ideas. You know that you can view that content in Office Web Apps. But what happens to that content when you and those you share with edit your file online? Now you can take the rich documents that you create in the Microsoft Office programs on your computer, make light edits on the web using Office Web Apps, and then open them again in your desktop applications to seamlessly continue editing with access to all of the rich functionality you need.

Preserve your content from desktop to web and back again. When editing a file in Office Web Apps, you see placeholders for any content that can’t display in the Web App edit mode. In this example, Word Web App shows you placeholders for SmartArt graphics, Excel charts, and content controls. Content displayed in placeholders is preserved intact and can be seen in the Web App view mode or when you next open the file in Microsoft Office on your desktop.